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Jul 24, 2013 9:00am PDT
a military delivery to egypt. defense secretary chuck hagel called egypt's military chief to inform him that the united states is going to hold off on sending four f-16 fighter jets to cairo. >> this comes weeks after they overthrew the first democratically elected president. the people of egypt should rally in support now of the military. >> this is significant. this is a military man in uniform. not a civilian interim president. fighting between pro and anti-muslim brotherhood factions continue on the streets of cairo. >> at least nine people have been killed. many were hurt. reza is live in cairo. it seems like the call of desperation that could mean for violence. what are we seeing? >> reporter: the streets are pretty calm now. is it going to stay that way with the call for mass demonstrations? it's not clear. these are pretty dramatic statements by head of the general armed forces. if anyone had any doubts that forces were playing a powerful role in domestic politics in this conflict, these statements by the general could clear up some of those doubts because the armed forces has o
Jul 26, 2013 9:00am PDT
think all of the jurors in this case were confused about the law. i think that the defense did a good job of telling them what they believe the law meant. the prosecution maybe could have given this juror, b-29 a little more ammunition to go back in that jury room and argue for her position and why her position was supported by the law. >> i don't think they did that. >> does it surprise you she was able to be convinced? that's a unique part of a jury. i was part of a jury for two days, but the prospect of all 12 of us coming to an agreement it was very stressful and people pushed. do do you think she was pushed? >> i think that happened. i think that's a possibility. when you're the sole juror back there holding this position that nobody else has and you don't really feel your equipped to argue your position effectively it is be isolating. they were sequestered. the world is watching. i'm sure she felt like i'm trapped. i don't know how to get the other side to agree to my position and i've got to do something and she may be been bullied or pressured down but that's not uncommon duri
Jul 25, 2013 9:00am PDT
is that this particular line was drawn 200 years ago, actually in 1736 so you know, in their defense, back then the technology was not in a position to estimate exactly or to guess exactly where the line should be, and they have a let's call it a don't ask, don't tell policy if a tourist is not going to ask him, doesn't ask if that's the real line, they don't say anything but if the tourists ask and we knew that and we asked, they said they don't hide it. they say it's not exactly that and it's only about 200 meters away, 650 feet, so when you think about the size of the earth, it's not too bad. >> what do you work for the ecuadorian tourist authority? >> do they take pictures at the same spot? >> it's just a street. there's nothing there, although they have plans in the future to build a mile high they say tower that is going to be located precisely where the line should be. >> but do we believe them? it's those french, blame the french. >> they have gps now so. they should have no excuse. >> rafael -- see you can't say you're not informed on this show, can you? >> the real deal. >> exact
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3